Should you opt for bathroom tiles or paint in your bathroom? Although most bathrooms feature tiles on the floor, deciding whether to tile the walls or paint them can be more difficult. Then there is the option of tiling half or three quarters of the walls, or just adding a tile baseboard. Each has its benefits and drawbacks and what works in one bathroom (design and construction-wise) isn’t guaranteed to work in the next. Here we share with you some useful considerations to keep in mind when making your decision on whether to tile, or to use paint as an alternative to tiles.

Reducing Mould

Maintenance is a key concern when remodelling any part of a bathroom, and both tile and paint will benefit from a high quality extractor fan. It’s also best if you’re able to keep your windows open as much as possible.

As long as you choose high quality mould-resistant paint you can expect it to remain mould-free. The same goes for tile- do make the effort (and go to the extra expense) of installing good tile board such as this hardiebacker board from Topps Tiles. You’ll also want to carefully seal your grout.


Either option can add to your bathroom’s décor but of course tile is a more permanent decision. You can always repaint in several years but tile is much harder to replace. That being said, if you choose a wonderful, high quality neutral tile you can always update your bathroom in other ways. It’s also a good idea to stick to neutral tones in order to make your home attractive to future buyers.

Tile Certain Areas

It goes without saying that any wall that might get splashed should be tiled. You have the option of tiling just around your bath and shower and painting the rest of the room. Do make sure however, that this does not result in an imbalanced room.


Tile costs more in labour and materials than painting, but it’s also a more permanent solution. Choose a beautiful tile that really pulls your bathroom together and you won’t have to think about re-doing it for years to come. You can also often find tiles on sale.

We hope this helps you choose whether to opt for bathroom tiles or paint. Contact our experts for further advice on designing your bathroom.