Traditional Bathroom Design

Transform your London home with a timeless, luxury bathroom that combines classic elegance with modern comfort.

Luxury Traditional Bathroom Design in London

At Hugo Oliver, we specialise in crafting traditional bathrooms that blend timeless charm with contemporary functionality. In the bustling heart of London, where new and refreshed properties intertwine seamlessly with the rich heritage of the city, you can honour your home’s classic features and history with a beautiful traditional bathroom – a serene retreat that echoes the grace of a bygone era. 

We understand that a traditional bathroom in London is more than just a space; it’s a statement of refined taste and enduring style. Our expert London bathroom designers meticulously curate every element, from ornate fixtures to old-school materials and colour schemes, ensuring your bathroom exudes luxury and sophistication while meeting the demands of your daily routine.

To see how we can bring your bathroom design ideas to life with timeless elegance, book a free home visit with our friendly, approachable bathroom design team.

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With our unmatched commitment to excellence and specialist knowledge of London bathroom trends, the Hugo Oliver design experts can help you renovate traditional bathrooms with confidence and care. Discover our exquisite bathroom interiors below.

Timeless Bathrooms Designed for You

Your vision of the perfect traditional bathroom is unique. At Hugo Oliver, we’re committed to bringing your design ideas to life while ensuring they, once installed, complement your daily routine, rather than making it feel like a chore. 

Whether you’re drawn to the opulence of Victorian bathroom design, the understated elegance of Edwardian style, or a fusion of classic and contemporary elements, our team works closely with you to create a bathroom that’s truly yours.

We recognise that Victorian or Edwardian bathroom designs don’t mean compromising on modern conveniences. Our bathroom designers have, over the years, expertly blended classic aesthetics with up-to-date functionality, and we can do the same for you. From clawfoot bathtubs and pedestal sinks to discreetly integrated modern amenities, we create harmonious spaces that respect tradition while embracing the present.


Explore Traditional Bathroom Ideas

The world of historical bathroom design encompasses a broad range of inspiring aesthetics that pay homage to eras of years past. Many of these designs and colours are highly sought-after by London homeowners today. From intricate tile patterns and wainscoting to freestanding bathtubs and vintage-inspired fixtures, the possibilities are endless. At Hugo Oliver, we’re passionate about helping you explore your dream bathroom ideas and discover the perfect elements – both visual and physical – that add value to your space.

Share your inspirations with us – perhaps a cherished antique piece or a favourite historical period. Our expert team, with their vast product and period property knowledge, will be happy to guide you through a range of design choices that will work perfectly for your available space, from classic colour palettes to authentic materials and finishes. 

For a truly immersive experience, we invite you to visit our London bathroom showroom, located conveniently in Charlton. Here, you can explore our curated selection of traditional bathroom fittings and fixtures, helping you make informed decisions with complete confidence. 

However, if it’s not feasible to travel to our bathroom showroom, our team is happy to arrange a free home visit, where we can help you visualise your ideas using realistic, to-scale 3D bathroom visualisations. You’ll be able to see how your preferred visual and practical elements will come together in your space.

Bathroom with green walls, white subway tiles, and plants

Easy, Stress-Free Traditional Bathroom Design London

Creating a bespoke traditional bathroom that meets modern standards of comfort and efficiency requires expertise, and with Hugo Oliver, you’re in safe hands. Our end-to-end bathroom design and installation services ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience from your first enquiry to the aftercare services post-installation.

Your appointed project manager will keep you informed throughout the entire bathroom refurbishment and renovation process, sparing no detail. When using our full-service bathroom solutions, our team will coordinate all elements of the project, from sourcing authentic materials to ensuring proper installation of period-appropriate fixtures. There will be no ambiguity whatsoever; you can relax and focus solely on enjoying your new traditional bathroom sanctuary.

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