Thinking of renovating your bathroom? To begin with, its a good idea to start noting down what does and doesn’t work in your current space. Do you like the current layout of the room? Would you prefer there to be more storage? Would you prefer a large walk in shower or do enjoy a bath?

Next, take a look at Instagram, Pinterest and google for some images that inspire you. Creating a wish list will help you determine your musts from a new bathroom. This will also be a very useful tool for whoever designs your bathroom for you.

At Hugo Oliver we are specialists in all things bathrooms. We can help you with your project from the design right through to installation. Below we’ve listed a few things we we consider when designing your bathroom. Our team work hard to ensure you get the most out of your bathroom, and end up with a bathroom tailored to you.

Example of a bathroom design render by our team

Before designing a bathroom assess your needs

As we mentioned above, the first thing you need to do is consider what you need from your bathroom and how you need it to function for you and your family. Make a list of these things and refer to them when making decisions further down the line.

Consider space when designing a bathroom

Utilising the space you have available is essential in getting the most from the room. No matter the size of your bathroom, you can create a beautiful and functional space. At Hugo Oliver, we consider design, storage, how functional the room is and what your requirements are. This all goes into how we design your bathroom. It might be that we suggest moving fixtures, creating inbuilt storage or recess walls, or a colour or design that will make the most of the room. 

Tiles and colour choices set the tone for your bathroom


You’ll need to decide how much of your bathroom to tile, and what tile colour you want. Tiles are a great way to add the wow factor to your bathroom! They can also compliment any choices you’ve made in the style of the sanitryware and units.


On the topic of colour, this is an important choice and can greatly impact the feel of the room. Are you a fan of bright and airy bathrooms? Do you prefer dark and moody, but are unsure how that could work in your space? Do you want a statement colour or wallpaper to make an splash? Or team can give you the advice and guidance you need when making these decisions.


When designing their bathroom, many people leave a vital factor until the end…. Lighting. This is a fantastic way to achieve the look you’re wanting, as well as making sure your bathroom is practical. For example, do you need a mirror with lighting for getting ready in the mornings? Will spotlights work better for you than the standard bathroom light in the middle of the room? Do you have any parts of your bathroom that you’d like to add mood lighting to? These are all things we can help you decide on if you choose us for your bathroom design.

There are many ways to add lighting that will have a big impact in your bathroom

Future proofing

Bathrooms aren’t an area we regularly refurbished, so its worth considering your future needs too. For example, do you feel you might need some non slip in your bath or shower, for yourself, older people in your household or children? Do you want to add in some supporting features as you age? Or child friendly features if you have, or are planning for children? Many additions can be made at a later date, but it doesn’t hurt to think of a bit of future planning in general when designing your bathroom.

These are just a handful of things that go into the practical side of your bathroom design. Our team are experienced experts, with many years in the bathroom industry. They can help you from the very first steps of a site visit and design through to install and aftercare. Find out more about our services here, or contact us to start a conversation about your bathroom.

To find out more about our design service, visit our bathroom design page., or contact our team to arrange an appointment.