When you think of the words luxurious bathroom, your mind might jump straight to neutral colours, marble and lots of great lighting. But if that isn’t your style then adding colour isn’t as risky as a choice as you might think! On a small scale it’s easy to go bold with a pop of colour or a quirky tile design without going overboard. Over the past couple of years, we’ve designed and installed some beautiful and colourful luxury bathrooms. Below we’ve put together a list of ways to include colour while still creating a sleek and stylish look.

Colourful furniture

This is a great way to make an impact on your bathroom! We recently paired a blue vanity unit with white and black. This created a great pop of colour whilst maintaining the high-end look the customer was looking for.


If you want to stick with neutral bathroom products, why not opt for a bright, bold or colourful tile? Its a great way to add your own style to the room.

Colourful bath tub

Over the past year we’ve seen more and more customers choosing their pop of colour in the form of a quirky bath tub. Take a look at the great example below. We’re loving the results!

Basins and toilets

Just like with bath tubs, we have brands that have the option for a wide range of colours for basins and/or toilets. To help create colourful luxury bathrooms, you can match your basin, toilet and bath. Alternatively you can choose one as a stand-alone piece of colour in the bathroom. Or why not mix and match!? Our team can help you figure out the ideal combination for your bathroom.

Bring in plants

The rise in plants being a part of people’s homes and the way they design a room is huge at the moment, and bathrooms are no exception. They are ideal for adding nature and colour into your bathroom and really add to a relaxing atmosphere. Country Living have a great list of plants that thrive in bathrooms.

Towels & accessories

If you want the option of changing the colour choice in your bathroom whenever you fancy, colourful or patterned bathroom accessories is the ideal way to do so.

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