In the past year we have all spent much more time at home due to the pandemic, and this has had an impact on the way we want the space in our homes to work for us. This is not the first time bathroom design has been influenced by disease; for example, in the 1950’s cholera epidemic everything in the bathroom was designed for good hygiene and be easily cleaned to minimise the spread of bacteria. So, what impact has Covid-19 had on bathroom design?  

Home Spas

For a long time, bathrooms have been a place to unwind, relax and to destress after a long day. Many people feel having a tranquil bath or long shower is a great form of self-care, and the importance of having options within the home to nurture wellbeing, rather than seeking them externally, has skyrocketed during the past year. Due to this, home spa bathroom designs have been increasing as people seek to build their own oasis in their home.

Increase in touchless products

Its no surprise that people are looking more and more for touchless products to use in their homes, and bathrooms are no different. Many companies are coming up with evermore inventive options, from infrared controlled taps to touchless toilet controls, we see this trend continuing to increase. Talk to a member of our team to find out more.

Plants in bathrooms

After a year spent mostly indoors, plant life indoors has become more important and people have begun to bring this into their bathrooms. Studies have shown that plants boost your mood, reduce stress levels and eliminate air pollutants. They are of course also a great visual addition to your home. House Beautiful have a list of plants that work great in rooms with high humidity.

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