Sleek Modern Bathroom Transformation

The Brief: Our client embarked on a bathroom renovation project driven by both necessity and design aspirations. The primary motivation was a pre-existing leak, prompting a comprehensive redo of the space.

The repositioning of the bathtub was a strategic move to optimise space and enhance the overall layout of the bathroom.

To augment functionality and aesthetics, we incorporated additional lighting features and strategically placed shelves. These additions not only illuminate the space but also offer practical storage solutions. Responding to the client’s desire for increased storage, we integrated solutions that expanded available space, providing dedicated areas for product organisation.

Given the absence of a window, the client’s preference for light colours was instrumental in shaping the design. To achieve this, we recommended TOOPS tiles in bright and expansive configurations, imparting a luminous and spacious feel to the windowless environment.

Date Completed: November 2023

Products: Vado, GSI, HiB, Imex, Tissino, TOOPS tiles

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