Main Bathroom & Loft Bathroom Renovation

The Brief: Our client approached us with a distinct vision for the renovation of their two bathrooms, each catering to specific needs within the household.

In the main bathroom, our client envisioned a unique finish for the taps, bath, and shower, all seamlessly integrated into the same space. The design focuses on creating a special and cohesive ambiance for the parents, aligning with the overall style of the house.

The loft bathroom, designed exclusively for their son, emphasises practicality with a dedicated shower space. This bathroom is thoughtfully planned to suit his needs while maintaining a consistent stylistic alignment with the rest of the house.

Both bathrooms are meticulously crafted to harmonise with the overarching style of the house, ensuring a unified and aesthetically pleasing transformation. Our goal is to bring the client’s vision to life, creating not just functional spaces but extensions of their home’s unique character and style.

Date Completed: November 2023

Products: Flova taps, Tissino radiator, Bagnodesign toilet, HiB, Merlyn shower, Claygate, Dansani storage unit, Catalano basin, Bath – stone  – Clearwater

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